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Find here Fencing Wire manufacturers India Get listings of barbed wires, barbed wires suppliers, manufacturers, dealers Srivari Barbed Wire Manufacuters Fence Products is leading manufacturer, supplier of of Barbed Wire for wide range of fence, fencing applications and accessories. 

Srivari Fence is the leading barbed wire manufacturer and exporter in India. Barbed wire fencing is perhaps one of the oldest forms of fencing, made out of steel wire. Even today, barbed wire is one of the most sought after fencing solution for farms, agricultural lands, residential apartments & commercial premises.

It is of great utility in topping high security fencing like Anti climb mesh, or by itself where, the intent is to keep away the cattle. Srivari Fence manufactures barbed wire fence in various specifications. The most conventional is the double stranded line wire with the barbing wire (4 point Iowa type) at a certain pitch.

Typical Barbed Wire Fence specifications:
Line wireBarbing wirePitch
2.5mm2.0mm75mm (3 inch) to 150mm (6 inch)
2.0mm2.0mm75mm (3 inch) to 150mm (6 inch)

Zinc coating on Barbed wire can vary from commercial grade to heavy gal (275 gsm).

Srivari Fence also manufactures PVC coated barbed wire, which further improves the life span of the product. This product is usually offered with both the line wire and barb wire specification of core wire diameter 1.8mm and outer diameter 2.6mm.
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Barbed wire manufactured by us at our factory in India as below: